2005 News Archive

Houston, Texas – November 7, 2005 – Since its inception in 1987, Houston Habitat for Humanity has built over 450 homes in Houston. Houston Habitat is an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International and is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that builds simple, decent homes for people in need in affordable housing. The affiliate has grown from building one house per year in 1988 to over 50 homes per year in 2004.
Stafford, Texas – October 18, 2005 – Indermuehle & Co. and NL Capital Management Inc., is proud to announce Associated Environmental Consultants renewal in the Corporate Business Park, development in Stafford, Texas. Associated Environmental Consultants brings the occupancy of the Churchill building to 55.8%. Congratulations to Associated Environmental Consultants, Lang Motes and thank you to Kris Lilly at Moody Rambin.

Houston, Texas – September 6, 2005 – All of us at Indermuehle & Co. are shocked and saddened by the aftermath following Hurricane Katrina. We along with thousands of Americans we have been moved to support the relief efforts after this devastating storm.
Sugar Land, Texas – June 23, 2005 – Indermuehle & Co. and Lusk Properties, Inc. are proud to announce the closing of a 6.3572 acre tract on the corner of Eldridge and West Airport in Sugar Land, Texas. The site was purchased for mixed use and currently the new owner is in the construction planning phase. Congratulations to The Fort Bend Church, Lang Motes, Larry Indermuehle and thank you to Charlie Lusk at Lusk Properties, Inc.

Houston, Texas – June 10, 2005 – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is how Larry Indermuehle has built his full-service commercial real estate services business.

Evidently, Indermuehle's business philosophy works well because when he opened Indermuehle & Co. in Sugar Land 10 years ago he and Tawnya Dornak were the only employees and today he has nine brokers and five on his support staff. "Over the years, I have built my business based on honesty and integrity and every broker that joins us understands how critically important this is. My goal is to run this business in the same fashion we would want to be treated. I've built a reputation of high integrity and standards and we're respected and known for that throughout the commercial real estate industry.

Houston, Texas – May 20, 2005 – We realize there is no substitute for blood. As with everything it takes one person giving to make the difference in another person's life. The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center tells us that every day they have required minimums necessary to meet the need for blood in the greater Gulf Coast region. Consistently though they fall short meaning people go without necessary blood supplies.
Sugar Land, Texas – April 26, 2005 – Indermuehle & Co. and Avera Capital Partners are proud to announce the closing of a 7.1535 acre tract on West Airport near the corner of Dairy Ashford in Sugar Land, Texas. The site was purchased for industrial use and is currently being land planned for development. Congratulations to Hitec Power Protection, Jennifer Raymond, Lang Motes and thank you to Trey Odom at Avera Capital Partners.

Houston, Texas – March 10, 2005 – Indermuehle & Co. has joined hundreds of companies in Fort Bend County supporting the repair efforts of homes needing refurbishment in Fort Bend County. It is litterally amazing the difference a weekend can make. The need is great, the work is easy and the impact is huge.

Houston, Texas – March 10, 2005 – Indermuehle & Co. has joined thousands of Americans in supporting the relief efforts surrounding the devastating events of December 26, 2004 in Asia and east Africa. As the United States and other countries labor in the area to save lives over 250,000 are either dead or missing. Our thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected.


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